T.J.'s wholesome story that ignites (if it wasn't there yet) a sense of wonder about our world.

I deliberately picked this book—for young adults and others who enjoy the "YA-genre"—as a feel-good piece sandwiched between a few heavier books. For me, it sits in between the realistic pessimism about sustainable innovation from Numbers don't lie and a book on food culture and history dense with enthusiasm-fueled research-rabbit-holes instigators.

I loved this book for its strong story and setup, of which you can clearly see the dramatic outlines sketched, but T.J. manages to engage you nonetheless. It never really reached the unputdownable quality for me, but it certainly takes you along for a ride of guaranteed feelings. The children's characters have a nice uniqueness to them, but the main emotional development happens through Linus.

A quick read with enough endearing elements to make this story a good time.