Ursula's stories are magical. Though this bundle was a little harder to get through.

These stories all take place in some imaginary country in Eastern Europe, though there are enough mentions of the earthly surroundings to lend it a feel of convincing plausibility. Ursula writes characters that actually convey deeper feelings. They are more human than most characters I read about.

I really enjoyed the story Brothers and sisters that beautifully captures feelings between two brothers, their smaller sister, and a girl both brothers like. Ursula writes the mundane into the literary.

Imaginary countries was also very good. A short exploration of the children's imagination, and what it does to a research assistant just starting out in life.

Ursula's writing style is without many frills while hitting unique sequences of emotional beats. It is beautiful, meditative, and insightful. The stories in this bundle did tend to bore me a little, I'm afraid to say.