The plot of this second book in the series is kind of all over the place, and I did not entirely enjoy that.

But shit, I was surprised by how touched I was when Jean Tannen's newly-found romance was self-sacrificially ended. Almost tear-worthy.

Scott's writing reminds me of Patrick Rothfuss's. Both men write very engagingly in the sentence-to-sentence, with great dialogue that entertains me throughout. But, their plots are wandering away from a structure that would make it pleasing and fulfilling for a work of fiction. They write as if they are just recounting some elaborate table top roleplaying game campaigns. Sure, it might be a more realistic course of action, where one never knows which turns life will take. And then you can end up in the most bizarre situations, even weirder than one could possibly conjure up from imagination. But I can't help but feel that the "realistic" narrative does not always work as well for emotional beats in a fictional plot. I think this book especially would have benefitted from a tighter plot.

As it is now, I do not feel compelled to continue reading this series, and I will be moving on to other books.