Lovely tale, where my normal critique of YA novels is internalized as Hoid's voice. Namely, that emotions and feelings tend to be described more directly. Kind of like prescribing the reader how they should feel.

This is the first of Brandon's surprise books that broke all Kickstarter records. I purchased the set of four books too, and now I will receive a beautifully bound copy every quarter. Though for this one I couldn't wait until the delivery delays were resolved, and I finished the ebook before the print copy got to my door.

It is very enjoyable to immerse myself in Brandon's capable worldbuilding words from time to time. I'm past the stage where the only thing I would read is fantasy books, but when reading work like Brandon's, it tickles my nostalgia for those adventurous stories for the mind.

Also, it's kind of crazy how in-your-face the whole worldhopper narrative becomes in comparison to Brandon's earlier books, where I would finish the whole story first and only discover the worldhoppers in it after I went to the Coppermind wiki to read some more. This is of course at least partly explained by the fact that we're reading it from Hoid's perspective.

I'm really excited for the next three stories!