A funny book that feels shallow on all other emotional themes at the same time. I have the feeling that I cannot enjoy Sanderson's books blissfully anymore ever since reading that profile in Wired.

See Brandon Sanderson is your god (Wired).

This book reads like a young-adult romance, which is already quite rare for Sanderson, as he almost never touches too deeply on the love theme in his works. But even though the romance has a fattier thread, I found it empty and exemplary of his Christian conservatism. It played out according to some fantastical and censored idea of love; something I also recognize from many Japanese series or stories. Might it be explained by a cultural obsession with shyness and inexperience? In my opinion, that'd actually mostly serve as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The worldbuilding is okay. But I have come to slightly detest the snarky narrative voice of Hoid that we also got in Sanderson's first secret novel. If this is a promise for the ultimate Dragonsteel story, I'd be disappointed.

I laughed out loud in some sections, but nothing else sparked much inspiration with me. The junkfood of fantasy?