Rise Bakery is a techno bakery by a tatooed and pierced baker couple. Rise refers to both their dough's transcendental journey and their South-American anarchistic revolutionary movement.

Every morning starts at four with stretchy folds, scorching hot ovens, and a few molotov cocktails. Their escape from dictatorial regimes three years ago led them to a yeast festival just outside Amsterdam where folks created bacterial cultures to accomplish all sorts of things.

There were people who experimented with yeasts that grew an armor carapace on bonobo's. The next step would be to experiment on humans. Others were growing targeted yeasts for interfacing with fungal communication networks. The natural intelligence of trees and fungi was so foreign to most that the predatory capitalists didn't co-opt it immediately.

But the bakery couple found something wholly unique. They discovered a strand of yeast that made those who consumed it more receptive to anarcho-revolutionistic ideas. Their bakery thus became the factory of the revolution; influencing the shallow rich by way of their capitalistic group conformism. The yeasts grew in their bodies and sprouted into class-revulsion. No one dared to vote in conformance with megalomaniac corporations anymore. People started to refuse lending their labor to these entities that purely produced profits for other judicial organisms. With the corporate labor crisis looming, local cooperations thrived. Multinationals fell apart and in their place came actually motivated humans who truly lived for each other's mutual benefit.