Jollof rice, obe ata, braised chicken thigh


The jollof rice was based on an article in the New York Times written by Yewande Komolafe.

The obe ata (spicy Nigerian red pepper sauce) used habanero's, which gave it plenty of heat while it became surprisingly flavorful.

I used chicken thigh, but Yewande actually suggested braised goat. A cut of meat that lends itself better to braising would be great here, because the chicken thigh was not spectacular.

Fried plantains with ewa riso and rice


My plantains were not ripe enough. They had too many yellow, even greenish, patches, while for frying you'd ideally have very ripe ones. This is according to Jasmine's mother, who originates from Ghana and makes lots of fried plantain dishes.

The ewa riro (or "stewed beans") were based on a recipe from Lola. I bought shrimp powder for this, which lends it a very unique flavor bursting with umami. Although I did feel that I shouldn't eat too much of it then, because at some point I started to dislike that specific taste.