Tunisian lablabi with eggs in my apartment in Helsinki, 2021.

Tunisian lablabi with eggs in my apartment in Helsinki, 2021.

Just stumbled upon this dish while browsing Wikipedia for other food-related reasons. It seemed like a great option for a weekday meal, because of its simplicity in preparation and ingredients. Especially because I had some dough for flatbread left over, with which I had to be baking anyway this night. The dish is simple enough that you can figure out what to do based on the single paragraph on its Wikipedia page.

The traditional recipe calls for harissa, a more spicy/herby hot chili pepper sauce. Finnish supermarkets haven't heard of it yet though, so I got some sambal oelek (a plain, hot chili pepper sauce) and layered my own spices on top.

Start by frying plenty of garlic, sambal oelek, cumin, and coriander in olive oil. Stir around such that they release all their fragrance. Throw in a can of chickpeas with their liquid (if it isn't brined in salt), and pour in a good splash of water. We are looking for a liquidy, garlic-cumin-chili broth situation. Bring everything to a boil, stir a few times, and then crack in some eggs. We will be poaching them in the sauce, until they are just soft enough.

Tear apart some of the fresh flatbreads (or stale breads, as the recipe seems to call for; it truly is a cheap man's way of eating) and dunk it in the dish. Serve in a large bowl, with fresh parsley, lemon, more olive oil, and some flatbreads on the side.