A small sample from my photography work. I'm collecting them in editorialized albums. It at least goes from my earliest work in two-thousand-fourteen to relatively recent photos. But this is by no means a comprehensive portfolio; I'm just having fun. For a different perspective on my photography, see my Instagram page and Unsplash profile.


I am fascinated by human faces. They carry an innate beauty that causes me to lose myself in their unique characteristics and in… view full album


Street photography from places I've lived in (a.o., Amsterdam, Helsinki, Stockholm). But also from any other places I've visited… view full album


The main draw for events to me is their visitors. I strive to capture the essence and vibes of an event by closely examining the… view full album


Both in The Netherlands (bogs, dunes) and outside. Nature is a genre that I have relatively little experience in. Most shots are… view full album


Selecting the most satisfying, mouthwatering, and Ghibli-esque food pictures. Everything is made by ourselves. view full album