On this page I provide an overview of my writing. What I like to write varies from essays on technology, philosophy and media, to pieces of fiction in genres such as sci-fi and fantasy.


The dystopian mindlessness of living in a single room

Living in a single room numbed me down into a mindless being floating through time. Let me explain.

Published on 2021-02-08

Twelve photos from Stockholm

I spent a semester studying at KTH in Stockholm, exploring the city through my lens.

Published on 2021-01-07

On Coomaraswamy and art

(Dutch) Overpeinzingen over kunst, kunstenaars, en historische samenlevingen

Published on 2020-12-23


Fictional abstracts

Practically flash fiction but in the elegant form of abstracts for scientific research papers.

Published on 2021-03-16
Flyn's space opera

Flyn finally sets up his key smuggling business on a forgotten planet, but then the corporations turn against him.

Published on 2018-12-26


Urban exploration on campus

I felt empty after a day of studying and procrastinating, so I left everything at home and went out to climb on stuff around campus.

Published on 2020-11-03