On this page I provide an overview of my writing. What I like to write varies from essays on technology, philosophy and media, to pieces of fiction in genres such as sci-fi and fantasy.


Rethinking economics workshop at CCC 2024-01-04
Anarchist technologists on a hot summer day 2023-07-08
Calisthenics and bouldering 2023-01-03
Coffee adventures in Amsterdam 2022-05-24
From frisbee happiness to future memories 2022-05-24
The four films I saw at IDFA today 2021-11-26
The difficulty of categorizing cuisines by country 2021-08-24
Exploring the life vibes of Simon Sarris 2021-05-15
The dystopian mindlessness of living in a single room 2021-02-08
Twelve photos from Stockholm 2021-01-07
On Coomaraswamy and art 2020-12-23
Urban exploration on campus 2020-11-03


The tale of the dark historians 2023-09-29
Cuisine d'amnésie 2022-07-25
Hiro and the Vatican psychedelic conspiracy 2021-05-31
Fictional abstracts 2021-03-16
Flyn's space opera 2018-12-26

Flash fiction

On life under AI-perpetuated capitalism 2023-08-01
Rise Bakery 2023-03-19
Dementia 2023-01-19
Artificial culinary consciousness 2022-01-16


For very short thoughts I wanted to publish somewhere. Most recent snippet:

If only humanity had ever cared as much about educating their own children as much as they did about the eternally knowledge-hungry AI models. We as a collective might then have actually had the time and words to express some respect for our fellow humans.

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