I am a Master's student in Security and Cloud Computing at Aalto University and KTH. I am currently working as a research intern in network security at Ericsson in Finland. I embarked on these adventures after I finished the Computer Science Bachelor at the Eindhoven University of Technology in my home country, The Netherlands.

Let me increase the dimensionality of my personality. I love to read books and short stories (mostly science fiction and fantasy, but I do enjoy good non-fiction work from time to time). I like to think that I enjoy writing, but dedicating myself to the craft proves to be non-trivial. The amount of good content being published makes it too easy to slip into a comfortably passive mindset sometimes, instead of making the effort to create something oneself.

I enjoy cooking meals from around the world, because it allows me to, quite literally, get a taste of humankind's cultures. Photography gives me the visual satisfaction that I am left craving while studying computer science. Lastly, I immensely enjoy the game of Ultimate Frisbee and I like to practice calisthenics.

Ahh, and of course, hiking through nature is incredibly fulfilling.

Mountain view in Oberstdorf, Germany, 2018.

Now that we got the human stuff out of the way, let me present you a résumé-like overview of my professional and academic timeline.